Murphy and Karma

There is the notion of starting out by having ‘One Rule’ that should never be broken. As adults, as kids, as organisms capable of sensible thought, this is something that everybody has chanced to look upon at least once, if not many times.

Fool proof as the idea may seem, it’s not really practical. ‘Drink but never get drunk’ might be one of the harsher ones; but in a room full of friends with no plans for the immediate future, it makes sense to bend the One Rule a little. But, where does this stop?

Story time. The laziness quotient allows and controls us to do the maximum amount of work with the least effort, either physical or mental; the desire to do them, is in a different box; there’s also the question of loyalty, dependability and being a good Samaritan in general.

Cue me, wanting to play Ultimate, service my bike and go watch a movie. Ideally, they need not cross paths because the game is after office, the service station is closer to where I work and movie time is generally balanced by my current sleeping habits. This is where Murphy’s law comes in.

It so chanced upon us ordinary individuals to play the game on the day whence we had booked the tickets for the movie (based on a whole ‘man of my word’ deal). Now sparks the brilliance, where I decide to throw the service in, because, hey, I’m gonna be up all day.

So, the game and then I’m back home where I fight to stay awake till the service station opens. Phase I is a success as I walk out of the service station, figuring it’s a quick cab to the rendezvous point for the movie.

This is where the s#%t hits the fan, or turbine, depending on how you see it.

My network bails, leaving me with no way to book a cab. No problem, we have recharge shops every 10 feet. Nope; the network has bailed on them and I’m still stranded, zero balance, sweating and at this point, awake for close to25 hours (graveyard shift).

This is where karma steps in. I offered a ride to a random person on my way to the station and here, as I stood, the shopkeeper in the last shop, allowed me to use his data to book a cab.

Murphy’s law is a b%^&h but so is Karma, if you don’t treat her well.

There was another disaster after that but it’s enough words for now.


Plastic Melts

An idea is like a, something that I cant remember to recall. The point of that train of thought was get ideas down to writing as quickly as possible but, clearly, it’s lost on me. Another day another post.

Getting things into perspective will solve a lot of things in our mundane everyday. That each person you meet and see is the hero of the story; they have the villain, first crush, best friend and a bunch of other extras. Now, the perspective thing is a little clear when you are part of the main cast or even the supporting one for that matter. But, take a break for a minute to imagine yourself as one of the extras. A nameless face with a little to remember by will be all that is left of us. Little bit scary.

Then comes the traffic signal. You start caring for a bike like a child, keeping it clean, making sure it does not go over to the dark side and most importantly, making sure that it’s safe.

I wear flats (flip-flops, depending on where you are from) most of the time and this line is just a rant about how how it is in my part of the map; I feel the waves caressing the open half of my feel as I place my foot on the brake pedal.

There I was, blissfully speeding along with the one unified thought that everybody had, ‘To get out while it’s still green’. I glance around and there is the boy in the work clothes, looking tired after a hard day at work. The averagely rich lady inside her taxi with a couple of moderate shopping articles in the bag. The really rich lady with the german car and the hat wearing chauffeur, holding on to bags of stuff that I only really know the names to; have honestly got no idea what those things are. The taxi driver impatiently honking the daylights, in a magical attempt to do away with the traffic; he must have himself confused with the dude who split the sea.

The green rolls on, 4,3,2 and BAM, I turn around to find this woman/girl staring at me with an apologetic face towards the lights. Determining her age was difficult because she was wearing multiple components of clothing over her face to protect it, I guess?

Anyway, here I am, and hopefully, some distance away, in this very city, there is somebody with the very same story with the difference that they bumped into a Bullet on the way home.


Yes I Do


A hiatus is temporary; a couple of hiatuses put together tend to be somewhat dangerous. Today, with this post, we break another one; always in the hope that we can and will come back once again.

The answer that never changes in the many times that the question is asked. We huff and we puff and we try to bring the house down, but the house, the house always wins.

The question brings us to the crossroads of a cultural obligation, a right of way and some basic human decency. The question once discussed around a cup of coffee and a really popular piece of stand-up comedy, took life this past weekend.

To set the scene in three ways, I was happy when I saw that my ticket number was 78. Every time, I make a pick at that little checkbox that says ‘Window’, hopeful that this would be the chosen time where I get to sit in my seat; 78, last seat, the small consolation being that nobody would go out of their way to sit there. Happy, sad, meeting somewhere in the middle and all that jazz. So, there was my right of way.

Cue me, walking on the platform all stylish, wearing a t-shirt that said, ‘Free Kisses’ (Yep! I’m a fan of the dementors) and getting the stink eye from the lady with the full makeup on her face; I mean, it’s 6.30, you’re not the shining light in your compartment, so, try to keep it a little low? The obvious couples and the oblivious parents/uncles/aunts dashing across for the bad coffee on the platform and for the limited copies of ‘The Hindu’ out on the cart-stall; and then me, looking at the reservation chart, 56M sitting next to me. ‘This should be fun’ I said to myself as I slid the door open; fully expecting a salt and pepper gentle man with a beige shirt/sweater and looking desperately at the air ducts. I was spot on. It’s half an hour to the scheduled departure; they’re not switching it on just because you’re sitting in it.

I look at the window seat, he looks at me (and my t-shirt) and then to the window seat to the form of his wife sitting smug with blanket around and talking on the phone to somebody from the US of A (“Aaahn, it’s 9 there a?”).

He did not bother with the niceties, “Would you mind taking that seat?”

The following words are a directive to all of y’all taking trains.

  1. Keep to your seats. It’s not difficult; they’ve got big round numbers printed on them.
  2. If you’re haggling a gentle man or a lady for their seat, have the courtesy to the wait for them to arrive before badgering them and or already occupying their seats.

Well, that’s about it. The words that I really wanted to say were “Yes, I do” but, being the good kids that we’ve been raised to be, I nodded, sat down and glared at him for the rest of the journey.

You know the rest.

That’s about it!


Look at that time stamp; it’s been six weeks since I last wrote.

Is it boredom? Reluctance to write perhaps? It’s certainly not for the want of a computer or an internet connection. It would, then, boil down to the person who makes the words.

Speaking of words, time for the title. Interesting word, ‘Meander’.

Meander (v) : ‘To wander aimlessly or casually without urgent destination’

There’s another definition that has to do with rivers and bends, but that is another day for science.

The verdict, in my opinion, is that I’ve been meandering. From this to that and something else with no purpose and end in sight. There have been words, yes, and ideas too, lots of them. There’s a google keep file with everything worth writing about; just sitting there, waiting to be acted upon.

I’m easing back into it. There’s a lot more to do and a long way to be. You know who I’m quoting here.

There will be words, yes, lot more of them. But, for now and for the day, consider this a start. The return from a hiatus. A restoration of the status quo.

One’s Own Feet

I originally wanted to title this ‘Tom Brady’ for a reason that I can’t seem to remember. Then I realized that everything is what we make it to be. Sifting through the words to the bare bones, it’s a way to manipulate things to work in our favour.

This marks a day. Let’s be normal people and call it an anniversary and a meaningful one at that. Not the ‘one year ago today, I saw her first’ kinds.

This one just happened. I did not think that one year ago, I would sit down to write this. Agreed, I wanted to make an anniversary post but, laziness and 30 days later, I had this brilliant idea.

There are phases in a boy’s life. School, first canvas shoes, first Cheetos tazoo (forgive the spelling), first Smack Down Pain, first bit of moustache teeming under the nose, first crush and yada yada yada. These are the good times, the better times if you may.

Then come the report cards, class tests, life choices, college and a host of other things that lay foundations for the future.

If you’re still wondering where all this is going, pray take a look at the title. It’s something that I’ve roughly translated from my mother tongue. It is the closest reference that goes to mean that you’ve more or less made it; you’ve become independent; something that my mom and dad have always insisted.

So, by the time you’ve read this post, it will be one year to the day that I received my first paycheque (just saying that because it’s cooler; it’s all bank transfer now).

To everybody who has the same day as me, cheers!

Until Next Time!

Eleanor Rigby

It’s a bright sunny morning; suddenly I regret the thought of not purchasing curtains. We think, we write, we think about writing and then we actually get to it. Picking up the words after a temporary haitus, I would really like to get done with follow ups to a lot of unfinished business on the blog, but this, is just an observation that I’ve made.

Not a message to the world; just pointing stuff out.

There are these stages, that everybody comes through. I actually really made it up just as I was typing out the last passage. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense.

Stage #1 – Dependent Responsibility

We’re kids, growing into a teen and our lives are practically run for us by the wonderful people around. There are snags, bickers and every bit of rebellion going through to set identities apart. Jumping at every opportunity and frowning at every ‘no’. Although, it’s not an ideal arrangement, the world at our feet is not much to complain about.

Stage #2 – Dependent Irresponsibility

This is college. The greatest time of our lives. If you’re reading this while in college, you sir/madame, are living the dream. Things cannot get any better. It’s like the time to go out and be everything we could ever imagine. It’s about taking chances, making mistakes, stopping in the middle and starting all over again. So, the cute girl that you’ve always liked, go talk to her; the world won’t stop if she says no.

Stage #3 – Independent Irresponsibility

From the point of view of someone in Stage #2, this seems like the best thing ever. As my dad likes to say, it’s the phase of the bird spreading its wings to move out of it’s nest. It seems like a dream. Let’s call this the honeymoon period. Nothing seems far off. All the things that we once ‘no’ are suddenly ‘yes’. Place to your own, check. No curfews, check. Cool things to do every weekend, check. I’d give it maybe a year, based on my experience.

Stage #4 – Independent Responsibility

This is the stage where I kept wondering why wars are so easy. It’s because they’re simple. You shoot some people, burn some empires loot some gold and that’s it. It’s the peace and the routine and doing the mundane everyday things that kill us. But still, there’s a sudden realisation of why we do what we do. Why being regular makes sense. It’s about doing the unexpected ever so ofter while having something that we can always come back to when the flags are all up. I know because I learnt from the best.

By the way, I’m assuming y’all know who Eleanor Rigby is.

Ini Ellam Sugame

This was originally to be named as “One Year On”, the reasons for which, will follow. Skip directly to the second paragraph if you want to get on with it. But “One Year On” sounds so generic, so effortlessly made up, to commemorate something that happened one year ago; right, I’m not allowing that to happen.

To the day, one year ago, came around the end of something that I am sure, everybody involved, will look back upon in the brightest happiness; because, that was the time to be and that was the time to do.

I might be taking a dig a specific people through this but they’ll never know and quite simply, that’s the beauty of the whole thing. I also have specific reasons for putting it out on a Friday evening because, I believe a lot of online clicking happens during this time.

We have jobs, we have lives, we have dreams and plans and one year ago, all that was wishful thinking. If you’d asked me if things would’ve turned out this way, a year ago, my, and for that matter, all our answers would have been ‘no’. The blogpost was surely on the cards what with me and my dramatic (read attention seeking) posts.

But, one year on, true love, that one girl standing under the tree, the promises of forever have all changed. Time grinds on and so do we along with it. Separation is temporary but for the three who are out to Germany, you’re gone for four years. The ones that we don’t regularly talk with, there’s still an unsaid bond because, friends are forever. Hate, love, desperation, the promise of things turning; all these come about and fade away. The people stay. You live with them, talk to them on the phone, comment on their Facebook statuses, ping them when they are on the other side of the globe.

In the logical sense of all things to come, college coming to an end is one the most emotionally wrecking things that a twenty year old can possibly go through.

I probably lost my bearing halfway through the post. I assure you it is boring, but, post like this, doesn’t really matter.

Until Next Time!

The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes

The science of lazy people might be worth looking at, given the current context of me leaving a ‘Part 1 and to be continued’ story hanging. Although if I had take the effort to look up the actual science, I would at least have a clickable link that takes you to another dimension *cough* I mean webpage.

Now if you could go back to beginning and read it in the voice of the wonderful folks from ‘Minute Physics’ you would get the better experience because that was the voice over in my head as I wrote the first few lines.

Now, there have been a lot of times when I’ve made a delay on my blog post so, right now, there’s no making excuses. I’m lazy and I’ve made my peace with it.

Lets get started now.

You’re going on a train; this one you like, because it’s the one that will take you home; it the one, provided you don’t sleep through, will carry you across a shifting landscape that sifts through your memories one by one. Every time that you’ve gone on the train, fighting for that elusive window seat with siblings, the desperate look you give your dad whilst secretly scheming for the teacoffeevada(thank you Arundhati Roy) guy that passes by, waiting for the one glimpse that lets you know that you’ve won.

And suddenly the landscape inside changes; the little boy sits somewhere inside, wondering of everything that was and could have been; the teacoffeevada man is just another vendor; there are no glimpses anymore because it is simply a matter of stopping him and making the exchange. That’s when you realize that you’ve grown up.

Then the other expectations start. Although I would primarily blame cinema for this. The running train, the winded guy and the girl; yes, there will always be a girl.

There’s a book in your hands; you’re early for the train, the headphones are still twined inside the pocket of your jeans. There is a freeze, she walks past the windows, a flutter of hope here, and then gone. You get back to your book again, living on borrowed time, waiting for the rails to halt at that place which you call home. You hear the voice again, say “67” and casually glance up, noticing that its’ the window seat right in front of you. She looks at your book and there’s this glimmer of recognition and you know that she’s got taste.

Too good to be true right? Yeah, the railways has an algorithm that will never let this happen. *Glasses Crashing Down*

To whomsoever it may concern, there is something that I should have done that I’m absolutely not doing because ego and stuff.

Well then,

Until Next Time!

*Tips Hat*

Mysore Travelogue Part 1 – The Tennis Player

“I am going to write about that trip when we get back”

Will probably be a thought tucked into the minds of many a traveller as they get off the bus/train/plane as they step back to whiff the first senses of familiarity of home or something in that general direction.

This post is brought to you by part ego and part desire to not be the stereotype who commits to nothing at all. The case of giving out the photos is an altogether different matter.

Long story short, we (as a team) were in Mysore (city of Silk, I reckon?) for the weekend  to a take a break from everyday proceedings.

But, the devil, as they say, is in the details.

Part 1 is going to be extracts from the onward journey.

Refer picture below (hereafter referred to as Exhibit A) for a look at one of the sample Boarding Passes at the onward journey (Names redacted because Chrome has an awesome extension that lets me do that)

Screen Shot 2015 04 07 at 15.32.21

There comes a point for every human being where they look upon things that are about to happen and there is a clear distinction between things that are within and beyond their capacity. All the trouble afterwards comes because of the small errors in drawing the lines.

Now, this theory need not necessarily be applied to events of cosmic significance because, the cosmos takes care of itself.

Of all the things that are not supposed to be done on an international flight, among the top would be to not lose Exhibit A. Although if you’re smuggling something, I’d be more concerned about not getting caught.

Murphy’s law intervenes and we were in the middle of the airport arguing with somebody because one person lost his boarding pass while walking from the tarmac to the security gates.

The second rule is to not piss of the official who happens to be already pissed off about matters concerning national security (probably).

The third is to not probably wear matrix glasses when being questioned by customs but that’s a lighter tale for a different day.

Apologies for sounding mundane, it’s been a long time.

P.S To regulars, the title has not been explained. Ping me if you’re curious.

To one part and to many after it!

The Big Score

When you cease to exist, you fade away.

Considering that the last post was a ‘smashing success’ Ram has decided that the best way forward would be to keep writing. The quotes are making a comeback. Three cheers to whatever that they mean! Who’s with me? I’d sincerely like to thank WordPress for making a formatting called ‘Quote’ that makes my words sound deep and resonant.

The answers to life’s questions pop up at unexpected places and you’ll never see them coming even if you read between the lines. The best of thoughts are those which originate in the shower but by the end of the line I have this nagging feeling that the reference has already been made in another one of my posts.

Psst. Nobody would remember. Keep it coming.

That was not me! That was the red guy on my left shoulder who keeps giving me brilliant pieces of advice like putting out the question of, ‘What is known as breaking the fourth wall?’ Look to the first line of the second paragraph and tell me that I’m not awesome! I dare you. Refer to Deadpool comics writing methods to get an even better insight on the whole breaking business.

There are two men; they come from similar backgrounds. They had a hard life as boys; struggled as adults to keep their feet on the ground. They had street smarts, skills that only come through experience. They began to love their lifestyles. It was independent and it was free. They were answerable to only a couple of superiors in their line of work. But it was not enough. There was peace; but they yearned for a different kind of life; the one in which everything is paid for and the bills don’t matter; the kind that goes to art galleries and shops for ‘abstract’ art; the kind that has a chauffeur to take them on the car that would take them to the car that they are going to drive; the kind that could sit out in an empty balcony and sip coffee, with only a few things to worry about, because let’s face it, nobody can be truly careless.
One of them is working his ass off for an MBA admit; the other one is casing a bank that he’s gonna rob next week.

They’ve got their eyes on the big score.

The words within ‘’ are meant purely for sarcastic purposes and are not meant to be taken seriously.

Next up by the boring blogger : The science of talking to oneself in the third person.

Well then,
Until Next time.

I dare you to comment! (‘Reader Engagement’)